New Playalong Video: La Bikina

Apr 01 2021

Hey guys! I'm happy to share my playalong version for La Bikina by Rubén Fuentes (as performed by Luis Miguel), accompanied by eight people I found that look like me and also play the recorder. No big deal.

What's that cat doing on in the video, you're asking? Well, I'm excited to present RECORDER CHALLENGE NUMBER 1: I invite all you fine recorder players (I know you're out there!) to record yourself playing La Bikina and upload it to Facebook / Instagram / YouTube using the hashtag #labikinarecorder (so I can find you 🤓).

My favorite versions will be featured on my social-media channels.

This is great for recorder beginners who just want to play along with the song - Angelo and I made this karaoke version with the melody outlined, starring our fabulous cat, Mustafa-Moishe Spampinato Rubinstein.

🎵Click here to download the sheet music and play-along! (feel free to embellish and improvise over the melody, anything goes).

Click Here To Watch The Original Video

Stay safe, get your vaccine, we got this ❤️