Video Release: Here, There, and Everywhere

Feb 26 2021

Happy to share another piece performed by Tal Zilber and I during our China tour in 2019 - Here, There and Everywhere by The Beatles (with a little bit of Chinese influence).

This legendary quartet that’s been the soundtrack of my childhood has left an immense impact on my life. Back then, I felt as if their songs were always there, and will always be - they were everywhere - playing at home in the evenings, or on Saturday mornings, playing in loops on our car’s cassette player for hours on our family trips, all of us quietly humming half-gibberish with whatever we could make of the lyrics. I especially loved the ballads - these perfectly shaped gems of sweet melody and gentle harmony. They had a beginning and an end, and in between, a little world of music that made all the sense without needing to explain anything. I think it was compassion that formed from the sound waves. Back then, when the world was a little frightening and nothing seemed certain - there were Beatles cassettes, and at least for the duration of the song, I knew I need never care.

Video recording and editing: Ariel Weiss Audio recording: Rafi Eshel

~ Tali