Video Release: A Horse Busy Transporting Grain

Mar 06 2021

Hey guys, here's the last video from our "Tal and Tali in China" series - this is "A Horse Busy Transporting Grain" (揚鞭催馬運糧忙), a bright and joyful Chinese song by Wei Xianzhong, performed with Tal Zilber.

The best part about traveling, many say, is living for a while as someone else in an alien culture, with different food, different habits, scenery, climate, sounds and signs. The tension between the completely unknown and the remotely familiar - that chicken soup that is almost like the one I used to eat at home - but with a totally new, undescribable twist, which I don't quite know where to place on my palate. The ability to be curious about everything - trying to give it a name, relate it to a memory, make sense of that contradictory feeling - that is, to me, the best thing about touring.

This piece threw me right into that alternate reality. To my western-music accustomed ears, it sounds like a transformed and reconstructed version of such familiar music phrases. It made me think of what the Sopranino Concerto in C would sound like if Vivaldi was born in China. And of course the answer is - nothing like this at all. I wish I could hear this music through someone else's ears.

I hope you enjoy this, and looking forward to touring and discovering again in 2022! If you also want to play this piece, you are welcome to get the free score here

Until the next tour...

~ Tali

Recording and editing: Ariel Weiss Audio recording: Rafi Eshel